SCUBA DIVING and Snorkeling IN HURGHADA Full Diving Guide


Dive into Hurghada’s unique Underwater world with our scuba diving and Snorkeling experiences. Warm temperatures, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life await!


Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada
Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada

Hurghada, a gem on the Red Sea coast, is renowned worldwide for its unparalleled scuba diving and Snorkeling experiences. Boasting crystal-clear waters, World-class coral reefs, and an Awe-inspiring array of marine life, it truly is a diver’s paradise.

Marvel at Hurghada’s Underwater World

Why is Hurghada such a Dhenomenal diving Destination? Its underwater world is teeming with life, from vivid coral reefs to diverse marine creatures. Buckle up for a Thrilling underwater adventure unlike any other!

Full Day Scuba Diving Trip

Everyday Diving Excursions in Hurghada
Everyday Diving Excursions in Hurghada

Ever dreamt of Immersing yourself in the vibrant wonders of the Red Sea? A Full-day diving trip from Hurghada will take you to some of the most Stunning underwater landscapes imaginable. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Diving Package In Hurghada

  • Full Day (2 Dives)- 50 €: Start this marine journey with a day full of colors and life under the sea.
  • 2 Days package (4 Dives) – 95 €: If a day is too short, worry not! Extend your fascination into a 2 day’s joy.
  • 3 Days package (6 Dives)- 130 €: Three days of perfect harmony with the magnificent corals and majestic marine fauna.
  • and, the list continues right up to 10 Days package (20 Dives)- 400 €: Ten mesmerizing days in the aquatic paradise that’s both a dive buff’s dream and a marine extravaganza.
    (And yes, you guessed it right, the pricing significantly drops per day as package duration increases, helping you save and savor more!)
DAYDivesPrice €

Night Diving Adventure

Seeking a more Thrilling, offbeat adventure? How about experiencing Hurghada’s Underwater world after sundown? Night diving offers an Adrenaline-infused view of the ocean’s nocturnal activities. It’s a treat for experienced divers and an absolute must-do!

Snorkeling at Giftun Island

Not into diving? No problem. Snorkel around the pristine waters of the beautiful Giftun Island and reach untouched marine landscapes. The spellbinding colors and biodiversity beneath the waters of Hurghada will leave you breathless.

Underwater Photography Tour

If you are a Photography aficionado, take a dive with Hurghada’s skilled Underwater guides. Capture your unique ocean encounters, from swimming amongst the vibrant corals to coming face-to-face with tropical fish. An underwater photography tour is an experience worth Documenting!

The Unique Pull of Hurghada

Ever wondered why Hurghada reels in so many underwater adventurers? Is it the alluring warm temperatures year-round, or the wealth of marine colonies calling these waters home? In Hurghada, every dive off is an opportunity to explore an underwater wonderland teeming with sea life.
So what are you waiting for? Dive into Hurghada’s underwater paradise, and experience marine ecotourism at its best.

Underwater Bliss: SCUBA Diving with Dolphins

Explore the enticing adventure of SCUBA diving with dolphins. Discover interactive encounters, photographic sessions, night dives, and conservation opportunities.

SCUBA Diving with Dolphins

The Conclusion SCUBA DIVING and Snorkeling IN HURGHADA

In conclusion, Hurghada Diving provides some of the most exciting scuba diving and snorkeling experiences worldwide. Its captivating marine life, colorful coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters lure in both seasoned and beginner divers. It’s the perfect location to embark on your underwater adventures, but don’t take our word for it – come and see for yourself!
So, whether you’re an experienced diver or first-time snorkeler, the aquatic thrills awaiting you in Hurghada are beyond compare. Now, isn’t it time you got your feet wet?

SCUBA Diving With Dolphins: A Mesmerizing Underwater Encounter

SCUBA diving with Dolphins is an Ethereal experience that could be likened to navigating a dream. This unique Encounter fosters a connection with these intelligent aqua beings and Encourages ocean protection and Conservation. Intrigued? Read on!

What is SCUBA Diving With Dolphins?

SCUBA diving with Dolphins involves immersing oneself in an aquatic world Inhabited by these playful, brainy mammals. Participants can interact with Dolphins, learn about their behavior, and even Contribute to their Conservation. It’s essentially a Ddeep-sea expedition marinated in excitement, education, and Environmental conservation.

Interactive Dolphin Encounter Dives

Perhaps the most Captivating aspect of SCUBA diving with Dolphins is the chance to Up-close engage with them. Feeding these dynamic creatures, playing, and Witnessing their unique behaviors Firsthand surely makes for an Unforgettable experience. But what could be more fun? or intriguing?

Dolphin Photography Diving

Armed with a sturdy waterproof camera, SCUBA participants can capture breath-taking underwater shots of these magnificent sea residents. Documenting the dance of dolphins in the deep is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines adventure, creativity, and wildlife appreciation. Isn’t it exciting to capture these precious moments in pictures?

Night Dives with Dolphins

“Is there a shift in dolphin behavior at night?” You bet there is! Night Dives offer divers a unique glimpse into the nocturnal behavior of dolphins. This is an outstanding opportunity to see these engaging creatures through a different lens, under the enchantment of the moonlight.

Dolphin Conservation Dives

Engaging with dolphins is fun, but helping them thrive is even more worthwhile. Dolphin Conservation Dives let participants contribute to dolphin conservation efforts. From tagging and monitoring dolphins to participating in their medical check-ups – there are various ways to help. Who knew making a difference could be such a thrill?

SCUBA diving with dolphins is more than a mere underwater adventure. It is a journey swathed in wonder, camaraderie, education, and conservation. So, isn’t it time you tried SCUBA diving with dolphins?

Adventure Unseen: Dolphin House Sha’ab El Erg Hurghada Diving

Underwater diving is packed with treasured stories written in depth. If you’re seeking a unique experience, plunging into the pristine waters of Dolphin House at Sha’ab El Erg in Hurghada should be atop your list. Join us as we dissect this thrilling underwater adventure that won’t just create lifelong memories but would also enrich you with knowledge about the beauty beneath the seas.

Dolphin Spotting: An Aquatic Adventure Packed With Melodies

Organizing a group diving trip to Dolphin House at Sha’ab El Erg gives you the unique opportunity to go dolphin watching in their natural habitat. These underwater creatures are frequent visitors to the Dolphin House reef, making it a prime spot for interaction. Immersed deep under, you will be captivated by their playful and acrobatic norm, as well as the ethereal sounds they make.
A handy tip? Be prepared to dive into conversations with our beloved sea mammals using dolphin-like clicks and whistles. It’s your chance to speak their language!

Full-day Dive: The Underwater Palette Of Life

Are you prepared to be amazed by the book of nature, where the coral reefs are the chapters and the mesmerizing marine life, the words? A full-day dive tour to Dolphin House with expert guides gifts you the opportunity to swim up-close with the vibrant inhabitants of this stunning ecosystem. Indeed, this underwater marvel will leave you awestruck.

Be a Night Owl, Underwater

Shed your inhibitions and visualize the underwater world from a new perspective, under the moonlit night. Nocturnal marine creatures such as crabs, octopus, and lobsters are illuminated, transforming Sha’ab El Erg into a captivating world under the blanket of tranquillity. A night dive at Dolphin House is indeed an experience that will redefine your understanding of the otherworldly.

Underwater Photography: Capturing Emotions, One Click At A Time

How about freezing a piece of this magical world in your photographs? Conducting underwater photography sessions at Dolphin House give you the remarkable opportunity to encapsulate the breathtaking vista, vivid textures of the coral reefs, and the myriad species of fish with their flamboyant hues.
With the right equipment and some patience, you can capture standout stills that tell a thousand underwater tales. Guess what makes it even more enthralling? Each dive can result in a novel frame, owing to the dynamic nature of this environment.
Could there be any better way to encapsulate your experience and share it with the world?

Conclusion Dolphin House Sha’ab El Erg Hurghada Diving

At Dolphin House Sha’ab El Erg in Hurghada, every dive is an expedition into an unseen world, a world draped in mystery and magnificent beauty. By spotting dolphins, exploring sea life, experiencing night dive, and clicking awe-inspiring photographs, you’re certainly in for a treat in this corner of the Red Sea. So, are you ready to brace your spirits and dive deep into this thrilling adventure?

Frequently Asked Questions About SCUBA DIVING in Hurghada

A coral paradise, an underwater enthusiast’s dream—these are just a couple phrases that aptly describe SCUBA diving in Hurghada. Whether you are a seasoned diver or just starting out, Hurghada is a must-visit spot. To help you plan, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about SCUBA diving in Hurghada.

What makes Hurghada a unique SCUBA diving site?

The Red Sea’s marine life and vibrant coral reefs make Hurghada a premier SCUBA diving destination. It boasts an abundance of sea life including dolphins, turtles, and various tropical fish. Furthermore, Hurghada offers crystal clear waters and year-round diving conditions, making it a hotspot for underwater exploration.

Can Beginners Dive in Hurghada?

Yes, absolutely! There are numerous diving spots suitable for beginners in Hurghada. The area is home to many SCUBA diving schools offering courses for beginners and intermediate divers, ensuring everyone gets an opportunity to explore the sea life, irrespective of their skill levels.

What are the safety measures for diving in Hurghada?

Safety should always be the top priority. Diving schools in Hurghada follow the universal SCUBA diving safety guidelines. This includes checking the diving gear before each dive, not diving beyond your limits, and following the instructions of the dive guide.

What is the best time to dive in Hurghada?

The best time for SCUBA diving in Hurghada is from June through August, given the warm sea temperatures. However, Hurghada offers good diving conditions all year round, though the water temperature may drop a bit during winter.

What sea life can you expect to see?

The biodiversity of Hurghada’s underwater life is vast. Expect to see vibrant coral reefs, various tropical fish species, and, if you’re lucky, even turtles, rays, and dolphins. Dive sites near Hurghada also offer the chance to explore historic shipwrecks.

Do you need to bring your own SCUBA diving gear?

Diving centers in Hurghada usually provide diving gear for rent, so you don’t need to worry about lugging your own equipment. However, if you prefer using your own gear, you can certainly bring it along.

Does Hurghada offer night dives?

Yes, many diving centers in Hurghada offer night diving sessions, a mystical experience that’s beyond compare. Witness the Red Sea’s nocturnal marine life up close for an extraordinary memory.

In conclusion, SCUBA diving in Hurghada offers both novices and seasoned divers an exciting exploration of sea life. With its warm, crystal clear waters, rich marine biodiversity, and available diving training and equipment, it’s a destination worth considering for your next underwater adventure. So, ready to take a plunge into the deep blues of the Red Sea?