Dolphin House – Shaab el Erg

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The Dolphin House is also known as “Shaab el Erg” which is translated to “Pinnacle Reefs”. It is located roughly one hour and half north of Hurghada.  The reef is shaped as semicircle lagoon positioned in an unprotected open area with a shallow cascaded sandy bottom surrounded by small pinnacles.  The depth and topography of this dive site makes it very convenient for all level of divers.

Chances are like most of us you’ve always wanted the opportunity to swim with dolphins, not those caged in big swimming pools but the ones who are free in their own environment. By taking a boat ride to this location, you will stand the best chance of seeing and swimming with these amazing creatures. You will notice how much they love to play and show off. They themselves swim closer to the boat and some of them take few leaps outside the water displaying their mood to play. If and when you do get to swim with them, you will never forget this amazing experience of mingling with the sea’s most intelligent mammals.

Whenever we make this trip, the ship docks a short distance from the actual reef, and we transfer our passengers to inflatable boats that move very slowly and carefully to get closer to the site without big disturbance to the marine life, some divers and snorkelers prefer to swim this short distance to get to this magnificent coral reef on their own.  As this is a full day event, after our first dive, we serve a delicious lunch prepared by the boat chef and after a short rest, we jump back in the water either to swim, snorkel or dive and continue playing with the dolphins and enjoy the beauty of this reef.

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