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Diving in Hurghada PADI, SSI, SDI, CMAS Diving Center

Discover the ultimate Hurghada diving adventure. Dive alongside certified instructors and immerse yourself in the breathtaking underwater world of Hurghada, making your scuba diving experience truly unforgettable.

Diving in Hurghada
Diving in Hurghada PADI, SSI, SDI, CMAS With Diving Around
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Diving In Hurghada: Explore The Wonders Of The Red Sea

Are you ready to embark on an underwater adventure unlike any other?

Look no further than the scuba diving paradise of Hurghada, Egypt. Nestled along the stunning Red Sea coast, Hurghada serves as a gateway to the mesmerizing underwater world. With its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and crystal-clear waters, it’s a dream destination for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned diver, Diving Around, a premier diving center in Hurghada, offers a plethora of options to explore the wonders of the Red Sea. Join us for an unparalleled Hurghada diving adventure.

Hurghada scuba diving
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Diving Around Best Diving Center In Hurghada

Diving Around, a diving center in Hurghada certified by PADI, SDI, CMAS, and SSI, provides day dive trips and scuba diving courses. Our vessels boast top-notch diving facilities to ensure a comfortable and memorable scuba experience.

Hurghada is home to several esteemed dive centers, including Diving Around, a diving center in Hurghada certified by PADI, CMAS, SSI, and SDI, ready to meet all your diving needs. These diving schools offer a variety of services, from introductory dives to advanced diving courses.

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Hurghada Scuba Diving Experience

Scuba diving in Hurghada is a must-do for any adventurer eager to explore the rich sea life of the Red Sea. With its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse aquatic species, Hurghada is a haven for scuba divers of all levels. Whether you’re an experienced diver or new to the sport, the marine life and diving experiences in Hurghada are truly awe-inspiring.

Discovery Scuba Hurghada

Discovery Scuba

In Hurghada, join us at Diving Around for a Discovery Scuba Diving adventure in the Red Sea.

Beginners can safely discover the amazing underwater world with our expert instructors, even if they’ve never dived before! Experience the excitement of scuba diving in Hurghada.

hurghada Diving Courses

Diving Courses

Embark on an exciting diving course in Hurghada to explore the Red Sea! Learn with top trainers and have the opportunity to earn certifications like PADI or SSI.

It’s more than just learning; it’s an underwater adventure. Ready for fun and to level up? Dive into the exhilarating world of scuba diving in Hurghada!

hurghada Diving Packages

Diving Packages

Get ready for an unforgettable scuba diving holiday in Hurghada with our dive packages! They’re designed to save you money while letting you explore numerous cool dive spots.

Expect top-notch gear, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and we ensure your comfort and safety throughout. Plus, we provide convenient transportation from your hotel!

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Best Diving Courses Price

With us, you can immerse yourself in the scuba diving wonders of the Red Sea. Experience the unique marine life with Hurghada diving, whether you’re trying diving for the first time or looking to advance your skills with our diving courses.

PADI Hurghada

PADI Open Water Course

350 €

Duration: 4-5 days
Minimum requirements: Able to swim and medically fit for diving
Minimum age: 15 years (10 – 15 years can qualify for Junior Open Water Diver course)

SSI Diving hurghada

SSI Open Water Course

350 €

Duration:3-4 days
Minimum requirements: Able to swim and medically fit for diving
Minimum age: 15 years (10 – 15 years can qualify for Junior Open Water Diver course)

SDI Diving Courses In Hurghada

SDI Open Water Course

280 €

Duration:3-4 days
Minimum requirements: Able to swim and medically fit for diving
Minimum age: 15 years (10 – 15 years can qualify for Junior Open Water Diver course)

CMAS Diving in Hurghada

CMAS One-Star Course

280 €

Duration:3-4 days
Minimum requirements: Able to swim and medically fit for diving
Minimum age: 15 years (10 – 15 years can qualify for Junior Open Water Diver course)

Best Hurghada Diving Trips
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Best Hurghada Diving Trips

Discover the underwater magic of scuba diving in Hurghada with our expert team. We’re passionate about teaching you to dive safely while ensuring you have a blast using the best equipment available. We’re lovers of the sea and promise you a carefully curated and exhilarating dive adventure.

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We Love To Hear From Our Guests


We’re dedicated to listening to our guests’ feedback to continually provide top-tier service to all diving enthusiasts in Hurghada. Our customer service team warmly welcomes all comments, both positive and negative. We’re quick to implement improvements, offering our trips on the finest diving boats equipped with the best approved diving gear. Ensuring diver safety is paramount, and we train our divers not only in diving techniques but also in providing excellent treatment and hospitality. We consider ourselves one family, always aiming to delight our guests.


Experience incredible emotions discovering new amazing underwater worlds with our diving school.

Diving in Hurghada

Dive With Diving Around: Your Trusted Diving Center In Hurghada

When it comes to scuba diving in Hurghada, trust Diving Around for an exceptional experience. Our team of certified instructors, passionate about diving, is committed to your safety and enjoyment. Equipped with state-of-the-art gear, comfortable dive boats, and a dedication to marine conservation, we aim to offer you a diving experience that’s not only memorable but also sustainable.

Our Commitment To Conservation

At Diving Around, we understand the critical importance of preserving the marine environment for future generations. We practice responsible diving and support marine conservation efforts, such as PADI Project AWARE and PADI Coral Reef Conservation. Our instructors stress the significance of respecting marine life and its habitat, ensuring your diving adventure is both enjoyable and eco-friendly.

Safety First

Your safety is our utmost priority. We adhere to international diving standards and perform regular maintenance on our equipment to guarantee reliable and safe dives. Our seasoned dive guides and instructors are well-trained in emergency procedures and are fully prepared to manage any situation that may arise. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands during your scuba diving journey in Hurghada.

Easy Booking And Full Service

Booking your scuba diving adventure in Hurghada with Diving Around is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply visit our website or get in touch with our friendly staff to secure your spot. We offer comprehensive packages that include transportation from your hotel, equipment rental, and refreshments aboard our dive boats. Relax and let us handle all the details, so you can concentrate on enjoying your dive.

Explore Hurghada: Beyond Diving

While diving is undoubtedly a highlight of any trip to Hurghada, the city offers much more to explore. Take a break from the underwater world and dive into the rich culture and history of Egypt. Visit the ancient wonders of Luxor, embark on a desert safari to witness the breathtaking Sahara landscapes, or indulge in Hurghada’s vibrant nightlife, bustling markets, and delectable cuisine. Enjoy fresh seafood, traditional Egyptian dishes, or relax at a beachfront caf as you take in the stunning views of the Red Sea.

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The Diving Around center in Hurghada is located at DaVinci Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt Phone: +201110349991 E-mail: info@localhost

Price of Hurghada diving depends on the diving center, equipment and how many dives

Yes, Diving are open, all the year

Yes, of course you can rent all diving equipment and all dive services in Hurghada just contact us and we organize everything