Scuba Diving Boat Trip With Lunch and Transfer

Discover the unparalleled beauty of the Red Sea with an all-inclusive scuba diving boat trip in Hurghada, a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

From the vibrant marine life at Dolphin House Hurghada to the exhilarating scuba diving Hurghada offers, each dive promises an unforgettable journey beneath the waves.

Scuba Diving Boat Trip Hurghada
Scuba Diving Boat Trip Hurghada

Our Hurghada dive excursions provide everything an enthusiast needs, whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the underwater world for the first time or an experienced diver seeking the thrills of Hurghada’s famous dive sites.

With safety as our top priority, our trips are designed to cater to divers of all levels, allowing you to dive, dine, and unwind in the serene beauty of the Red Sea.

What to Expect on Your Scuba Diving Boat Trip

Embarking on a scuba diving boat trip in Hurghada promises an adventure filled

with diverse activities and comprehensive services tailored to enhance your underwater experience. Here’s what you can anticipate during your journey:

Professional Guidance and Diverse Diving Opportunities

  1. Diverse Skill Accommodation: Whether a novice or an experienced diver, professional instructors are available to ensure safety and provide tailored guidance.
  2. Multiple Dive Opportunities: Up to five dives per day, including specialty dives like night dives to observe nocturnal marine life.

Comprehensive Onboard Facilities

  • Well-Equipped Boats: Each vessel comes equipped with essential diving gear, safety equipment, and comfortable amenities including toilets and shaded areas for relaxation.
  • Additional Activities: Beyond diving, enjoy snorkeling, fishing, and beach visits, making every trip well-rounded and exciting.

Thoughtful Inclusions and Policies

  • All-Inclusive Packages: Most trips, such as the popular Full Day Dive Trip, include multiple dives, meals, and beverages, priced affordably to ensure a great value experience.
  • Environmental and Safety Standards: Dive guides ensure not only the safety but also the environmental consciousness of each dive, educating divers on marine conservation.

Seamless Experience from Start to Finish

  • Convenient Scheduling and Transport: Trips typically run from early morning to mid-afternoon, with transportation to and from Hurghada hotels included, ensuring a hassle-free day.
  • Preparation and Comfort: Divers are advised to bring essentials like towels and sunscreen, while onboard amenities like freshwater showers and sundecks enhance comfort between dives.

This structured approach ensures that each participant enjoys

a memorable and safe diving experience, exploring the rich marine biodiversity of Hurghada.

Exploring the Underwater Wonders of Hurghada

As we delve into the vibrant underwater world of Hurghada, the clear waters of the Red Sea welcome us with visibility that enhances every dive experience.

Here, the marine biodiversity is unmatched, featuring over 1,000 species of fish and 200 types of coral, creating a diver’s paradise.

Marine Life Encounters

  1. Tropical Fish and Coral Gardens: Swim amidst schools of colorful fish and expansive coral reefs that offer a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes.
  2. Majestic Sea Creatures: Encounter gentle giants such as turtles and rays, or feel the thrill of swimming close to various shark species, including hammerheads and whale sharks.

Iconic Dive Sites

  • Giftun Island: Explore protected areas like Erg Somaya, where the marine life flourishes around stunning coral formations and underwater canyons.
  • Historic Wrecks: Dive into history with the sunken warships El Mina and El Aryan, offering advanced divers a glimpse into the past, surrounded by aquatic life.

Diving Conditions and Facilities

  • Beginner-Friendly Spots: Carless Reef provides a shallow yet vibrant diving environment ideal for novices.
  • Advanced Diver Adventures: For those seeking a challenge, the Thistlegorm wreck at 30 meters deep presents an exciting exploration with its well-preserved artifacts.

Dive Hurghada enhances these experiences with comprehensive services:

  • Daily Dives and Equipment: Engage in up to three daily dives, with all necessary gear available for rent.
  • Comfort and Accessibility: Enjoy on-board amenities including meals and refreshments, with seamless transfers from local accommodations.

Each dive site around Hurghada offers a unique underwater adventure,

making every dive not just a sport but a discovery of nature’s underwater marvels.

Lunch and Amenities Onboard

On your all-inclusive scuba diving boat trip in Hurghada, you can expect a delightful culinary experience accompanied

by comprehensive amenities designed to enhance your comfort and diving experience. Here’s a detailed look at what’s included:

Meals and Refreshments

  1. Comprehensive Meal Offerings: Enjoy three sumptuous meals daily—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—alongside snacks available throughout the day. Each meal is prepared to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements.
  2. Beverage Options: A selection of beverages including water, tea, and coffee is freely available to keep you hydrated. For those interested, alcoholic beverages can be purchased for an additional fee.

Special Dietary Accommodations

  • Dietary Requests Catered For: Whether you require vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals, our onboard services can accommodate your needs with advance notice. This ensures that every diver, regardless of dietary restrictions, enjoys a seamless and satisfying dining experience.

Onboard Facilities

  • Comfort and Convenience: Our boats are equipped with private cabins and bathrooms, central air conditioning, and a TV in the salon displaying diving maps and educational materials. This ensures your comfort both during and between dives.
  • Continuous Fresh Water Supply: Thanks to the onboard desalination unit, there is always an ample supply of fresh water, ensuring that all guests’ needs are met throughout the trip.

Languages and Payment Options

  • Multilingual Staff: The crew on board speaks multiple languages including English, Arabic, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Polish, and Spanish, making it easier for divers from around the world to communicate and feel at ease.
  • Diverse Payment Methods: For your convenience, payments on board can be made using Euro, US Dollar, Egyptian Pounds, or Sterling Pounds. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted.

This comprehensive approach not only caters to your diving needs but also ensures that your time on board is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Scuba Diving Boat Trip Hurghada Conclusion

Throughout this exploration of an all-inclusive scuba diving boat trip in Hurghada, we’ve journeyed through the holistic experience offered, from the exhilarating plunge beneath the Red Sea to the quiet moments of relaxation and dining onboard.

The richness of marine life, combined with the pristine conditions of the dive sites and the unmatched beauty of the coral ecosystems, establishes Hurghada not just as a tourist destination but as a sanctuary for divers seeking both adventure and tranquility. The structured and comprehensive services ensure that every participant, regardless of their diving proficiency, can fully immerse in the splendor beneath the waves while enjoying top-notch safety and comfort.

Reflecting on the broader implications of such trips highlights their role in fostering a deeper appreciation and awareness among divers for the marine environment and its conservation needs.

The emphasis on eco-friendly practices and education on marine preservation serve as a testament to the diving community’s commitment to protecting these underwater wonders for future generations.

By participating in these experiences, divers not only enrich their lives with unforgettable memories but also contribute to the overarching goals of marine conservation and sustainable tourism.

This engaging journey through Hurghada’s underwater marvels thus leaves us with a profound sense of connection to the natural world, urging both novices and experienced divers alike to keep exploring while respecting the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.


What are some tips for scuba diving without spending too much?

 To save on scuba diving costs, consider the following strategies: dive close to your home to avoid travel expenses, look for more affordable diving destinations, form a group to benefit from group rates, opt for shore diving which typically costs less, check for last-minute booking discounts, and either rent diving equipment or purchase it second-hand to minimize upfront costs.

When is the ideal time to go scuba diving in Egypt? 

The prime season for scuba diving in Egypt is during the autumn months from September to November. During this period, the intense summer heat subsides, resulting in cooler temperatures and the reappearance of diverse marine life. Divers can enjoy extended, comfortable dives with fewer tourists around, exploring the country’s famous wrecks and reefs.

What is the most common method for entering the water when scuba diving?

 The giant stride entry is the most popular technique for entering the water in scuba diving. As the name suggests, it involves taking a large step from the diving platform or boat directly into the water.

How much should one expect to spend on scuba diving gear? 

Scuba diving expenses for personal equipment typically range from $200 to $300. This can increase substantially if a diver decides to purchase additional items such as a wetsuit and a personal dive computer. Investing in a complete set of equipment is common for divers who want to ensure comfort and safety in open water.

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