When is the best time to visit Egypt? And to Dive in Hurghada?

The weather in Egypt is moderate almost all year round with the exception of July and August as the temperature could reach 40 degrees Celsius. So, the best diving time is from September to December and from March to June as the water still warm and the air temperature is pleasant. For those who like excursions to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, the best time to visit those locations is November to March.

Which hotel would you recommend?

To be near our Diving center, we recommend Sea Star Beau Rivage, Magic Beach Hotel, Meraki Hotel, and Bel Air Hotel. All of those hotels are affordable and near our Diving Center. Regardless of your hotel booking, we will pick you up and drop you off for free whenever you chose to dive with us. Hotels outside the cordon of Hurghada, we ask that you pay extra charge (20 Euros) for the long distance pick up.

Where is the Diving Around Center Located?

The Diving Center is located at Davinci Hotel in the Northern part of Hurghada. The Center looks over a beautiful turquoise water and extended house reef known as the Dolphin house, hence, we dive with dolphins on a daily basis

What are the operating hours of the Dive Center?

We operate every day throughout the year from 6:00am to 11:00pm, however, our diving trips starts at 8:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm. During the after hours, we continue communicating with our customers through phones and emails to answer questions and book diving tours.

Do you rent the diving equipment?

Yes, all equipment are for rent for those who need it. We offer special prices for our returned customers and those who book a package for multiple days.

Where can you dive in Hurghada?

The Red Sea in General has plethora of diving sites. Hurghada alone has more than 40 dive sites. We pride ourselves of being able to accommodate all our divers regardless of their diving experience and abilities.

How much does diving cost in Hurghada?

As of this time (2023), Diving with reputable Dive Center that has good equipment and safe operating procedures, decent boat, and professional crew, you should expect to pay roughly $50.00 to $70,00 dollars/Euros.

What is included in the price?

A typical diving trip includes 2 dives and lunch. Each dive should range between 50 minutes and 1 hour. For a third dive and/or for full rented equipment, expect to pay a bit more (roughly $10 to $15 dollars)

Can I pay by card?

Yes, we have a bank machine that we can charge you card for payment.

When can I pay for the diving?

You don’t have to pay for your diving trip prior to your arrival, you can pay upon arrival on the boat, but if you prefer to pay first, there’s an option to pay by credit card or through paypal on the website when making the reservations.

How to contact us in Hurghada?

Our phone numbers and email addresses are posted throughout our website as well as our social media:
Phone number and Whatsapp: (+2) 01110349991
Email address: info@divingaround.com
Website: www.divingaround.com
Facebook: www.divingaround.hrg
Instagram: www.divingaround.hrg

Do you provide transportation from the hotel?

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Yes, we pick you up every morning from your hotel and we drop you off the end of the day as part of our free services for our customers. If your hotel located outside the cordon of Hurghada, we charge $20 dollars/Euros extra for the long distance pick up.

Do you have airport pick up?

We normally don’t pick up our customers from the airport upon arrival, however, we can extend this service upon request and if/when it deems necessary.

What should I bring with me on the diving trip?

Only a towel and smile. You don’t need to bring any food or drinks as it will be provided for you on the boat.

Are children allowed on the boat?

Yes, we love our children and we welcome them along with their families; however, we encourage the families to use discretion when making this decision. We would love for the children to have the experience of being on the boat, but adult supervision throughout the day is recommended.

Should I take my passport with me on the diving trip?

It is not required to bring your passport along with you, however, It is always advisable whenever you travel to have a copy of your passport on your person whenever you leave the hotel.

How is the day programmed?

We normally conduct our boat briefing upon arrival then our dive site briefing shortly before the dive which take roughly one hour. We take a break for lunch and surface interval then we move to the second dive site and conduct the second dive briefing followed by our second dive. We normally return home around 4:00pm.

Where are we going to dive?

The dive sites are decided each morning depending on the weather condition and the experience level of our guests. There are more than 40 dive sites within the vicinity of our diving center, we never had issues picking up the dive sites to accommodate all our customers.

What is the maximum depth for beginners (Introductory level)?

The Standard of all Dive Organizations for introductory level diver is maximum 12 meters. Our experienced Instructors gauge each person’s level and dive only according to the person’s comfort level and ability.

Where can I try to Dive in Hurghada?

You can only try to Dive with a Reputable Diving Center with licensed professionals. International and local laws dictates teaching scuba diving by professional Instructors (Not Dive Masters or others who know who!) You must ask about the instructor’s certifications before handing your safety to an unknown person. Diving Around Diving Center has 11 Diving instructors with decades of diving experience, and the safest diving equipment. Read the Reviews…

What is the best Diving Center in Hurghada?

Diving Around is the best Diving Center in Hurghada for the following reasons:
1. Brand new equipment (safe and well maintained)
2. Clean compressed Air (compressor filter changed every 15 hours)
3. Professional Instructors:
Not only our instructors are highly qualified with many years of experience, they speak multiple languages, German, Russian, French, Polish, Spanish, and English. They are handpicked by the owner for their respectable personalities and professional demeanor.
4. Beautiful and spacious operating boat
5. Safety is paramount (zero accident in 22 years of operations)
6. Delicious food (prepared by gourmet chef)
7. Supportive and respectable crew members
8. Location is near the city center
9. Transportations are included in the price
10. 5 star rating is consistent

How long is the Scuba Diving Course?

That depends on the type of the Course. The first course in Scuba Diving is Open Water Diving Course, and it consists of 9 Dives, four of which are in Confined Water such as swimming pool or similar type in open but shallow water (5 meters minimum). The remaining 5 dives should take place in an Open Sea, hence, Open Water Diving Course. This course can take 3 to 4 days.

Where can I learn to Scuba Dive?

Try Diving which is also known as Introductory Diving is an important step and serious one for those who are not familiar with the process; therefore, it’s absolutely critical to choose a reputable Diving Center with licensed professional instructors. Diving Around Diving Center has the best scuba instructors in the Red Sea. Don’t hesitate to try diving with us.