Diving Packages In Hurghada For Certified Divers


Hurghada offers exciting diving packages for certified divers seeking thrilling underwater adventures. Discover vibrant coral reefs, hidden caves, shipwrecks, and encounters with colorful creatures like fish, dolphins, and turtles. With expert guides, you’ll experience adrenaline-pumping journeys into the mesmerizing underwater world of Hurghada.

The fees include:

  • Transfer to/from your place of stay in Hurghada( other areas might be charged additionally)

  • 12 L tanks

  • Lunch on board (incl. tea/coffee, 2 soft drinks or water)


  • Check dive – 10 €

  • Nitrox filling 32%, per tank 12 L (5 €) / 15 L (7 €)

  • Full set of rental equipment (per day) – 10 €

  • 15 L tank 10 €

diving packages in hurghada
  • Every day we visit two different diving sites so that we can expand and increase your diving experience and enjoy as much knowledge of the marine life in Hurghada in the Red Sea.

  • We will arrange together your equipment (if necessary).

  • The duration of the dives depends on your air consumption.

  • After diving we have lunch, which consists of a rich buffet (pasta,rice,potatos,7different salads,chicken or meat, soup) freshly prepared by our crew, soft drink after lunch, hot drinks are freely available at any time, and seasonal fruit are offered to our customers at the end of diving trips.

  • The boat has 2 toilets and big salon also large sundeck. After lunch 40 minutes of relax.

  • Meanwhile, we head for the second dive site, briefing and important information about the second dive.

  • After the second dive we return to the harbor and transfer you back to your hotel.

  • Diving Hurghada offers you a variety of different dive sites where you can explore the fascinating underwater world.

  • We look forward to welcome you at Diving Around Diving Center in Hurghada.

Dive Packages Prices

2 Days Package (4 Dives)


3 Days Package (6 Dives)


4 Days Package (8 Dives)


5 Days Package (10 Dives)


6 Days Package (12 Dives)


7 Days Package (14 Dives)


8 Days Package (16 Dives)


9 Days Package (18 Dives)


10 Days Package (20 Dives)



Do these packages include equipment?

Yes. Diving Packages in Hurghada typically include all the necessary diving gear.

Are Diving Packages in Hurghada suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. Many packages cater to beginners, offering PADI certification courses and guided dives with experienced instructors.

What dive sites can I expect to visit?

This depends on the package, but popular dive sites include Giftun Island, Abu Nuhas, and El Mina.

What To Expect From Diving Packages In Hurghada For Certified Divers?

As a certified diver, you can expect a whole new level of adventure from Diving Packages in Hurghada. These packages typically include a greater number of dives, allowing you to explore a wider variety of dive sites. You can expect to dive in a range of environments, from vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life to sunken shipwrecks that tell stories of a bygone era. Night dives are also a popular option, offering a unique perspective on the underwater world. Guided dives with experienced instructors ensure that you get the most out of each dive. They can show you the best spots, help you identify marine species, and ensure your safety throughout the dive.

The Unique Experiences Of Diving In Hurghada?

Diving in Hurghada offers some truly unique experiences. The Red Sea is home to a diverse array of marine life, from colorful coral reefs to over 1,000 species of fish.

In addition to the marine life, the Red Sea is also known for its sunken shipwrecks. Diving around these wrecks is like stepping back in time, offering a glimpse into the maritime history of the region.

Night diving in Hurghada is another unique experience. As the sun sets, the underwater world takes on a whole new ambiance. It’s an experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Dive into Adventure: Explore Diving Packages in Hurghada

‍Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure with our diverse diving packages in Hurghada. As a certified diver, immerse yourself in the splendor of the Red Sea’s underwater marvels, guided by our seasoned team of diving instructors. We’re eager to guide you through an awe-inspiring journey beneath the waves, where divers like you can revel in the aquatic wonders.

Introduction to Diving in Hurghada

Tucked away along the Red Sea’s shimmering coastline, Hurghada emerges as a haven for scuba divers across all levels. Its crystal-clear waters, teeming with red sea creatures, alongside the vibrant coral reefs, offer a scuba diving Hurghada experience that’s second to none. The city’s fame for its enchanting sunken shipwrecks and colorful reefs solidifies its status as a diving paradise.

Why Choose Diving Packages in Hurghada?

Our diving packages in Hurghada provide an affordable avenue to traverse numerous dive sites. Tailored to meet your individual diving preferences, these packages promise a secure, delightful, and memorable diving hurghada adventure, regardless of your diving expertise.

Certified Diving in Hurghada: A Closer Look

Certified divers can anticipate an elevated adventure with our diving packages in Hurghada. These packages broaden your horizons with a more extensive array of dives, granting you access to the myriad of dive sites. The vibrant coral reefs and mysterious shipwrecks beneath Hurghada’s waves beckon divers to uncover their secrets.

Diving Packages: What’s Included?

Included in our diving packages in Hurghada are all the essential gear from our dive shop Hurghada, expert guidance, and convenient hotel transfers. We also offer onboard refreshments on our dive boats, ensuring that divers remain comfortable and hydrated during their sea-bound excursions.

Supplements and Additional Services

To elevate your diving escapades, our diving center offers an assortment of enhancements and extra services. These extras include nitrox fills for enriched air diving, equipment rentals, and special diving experiences such as mesmerizing night dives and explorations of historical wreck dives.

Diving Sites to Explore in Hurghada

Hurghada is home to numerous esteemed dive sites, each presenting a distinct diving hurghada experience. Notable spots like Giftun Island, Abu Nuhas, and El Mina are among the favorites. Our expert diving center Hurghada guides are dedicated to maximizing your enjoyment and safety during each dive.

Unique Experiences of Diving in Hurghada

Diving in Hurghada offers some truly unique experiences. Engaging in night dives provides a distinctive perspective on the aquatic realm, while exploring shipwrecks unveils tales from a bygone era. With endless possibilities, diving Hurghada remains an unparalleled adventure.

Diving Courses in Hurghada

For those aiming to enhance their diving prowess, our array of diving courses, led by certified instructors, stands ready. Passionate about diving and committed to excellence in training, we cater to both novices and seasoned divers seeking to elevate their skills.

Diving Around: Your Trusted Diving Center in Hurghada

At Diving Around, our commitment to an exceptional diving experience is unwavering. Our diving center’s certified instructors prioritize your safety and enjoyment, equipped with top-tier gear and a dedication to marine conservation, ensuring a memorable and eco-friendly dive.

Plan Your Diving Adventure in Hurghada Today

Are you ready to plunge into the marvels of the Red Sea? Plan your diving adventure in Hurghada with Diving Around and forge lasting memories. Book your dive with us today and embark on an exhilarating journey!


Diving in Hurghada is an adventure not to be overlooked. Regardless of your diving experience, our diving packages in Hurghada offer the perfect chance to discover the Red Sea’s vibrant marine life. Don’t hesitate—book your diving package now and immerse yourself in a lifetime’s adventure!

Remember, the essence of diving transcends the dive itself—it’s about the entire diving experience, the thrill of the diving adventure, and the unforgettable memories you’ll craft. So join us, dive into the heart of Hurghada, and let Diving Around guide you to extraordinary moments beneath the waves.