The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth with an abundance of Marine life and coral reefs.  One of the most intelligent and intriguing mammals that exist in great numbers in our beautiful Red Sea is the Dolphin, particularly along the coast of the city of Hurghada where Dolphins can be found in at least three different Dive Sites, namely: Shaab El Irq, El Fanous, and Marsa Abu Galawa.   Our “Diving Around ” Dive Center is only 15 minutes away by boat to Marsa Abu Galawa, 20 minutes to Fanous, and only 30 minutes to Shaab El Irq (Also known as the Dolphin House).  

There are several organized boat rides to the dolphin spots; however, only a few diving trips are organized in particular to have an opportunity to encounter the Dolphins underwater.  Diving Around Center is fortunate to be located at Davinci Hotel North of Hurghada where access to the Dolphin Houses is only a few minutes away. 

Our daily Scuba diving trips consist of two dives and sometimes three dives for both professional divers and those who are learning to dive for the first time, those divers are often rewarded with at least one of the dives with dolphins.  What a great joy to watch those amazing animals playing underwater while you are diving around them.