Advanced Open Water Diver course

Advanced Open Water Diver course
Advanced Open Water Diver course

Price Advanced Open Water Diver course €250 / from

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Minimum requirements: Open Water Diver/Junior Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification)
  • Minimum age: 15 years (12 – 15 years can qualify for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course)

About the course:

Advanced Open Water Diver course
Advanced Open Water Diver course

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed to improve your underwater knowledge and skills. You can enroll immediately after earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification regardless of your skill level. The course helps you build confidence in navigation, fine-tune buoyancy skills and introduces you to different diving activities such as wreck diving, night diving or underwater imaging.

The course consists of theoretical lessons and five Adventure Dives: a deep dive (beyond 18m/60F), a navigation dive, and three additional Adventure Dives of your choice to earn your certification. (Source:

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The fees include:

  • All dives related to the course
  • Rental equipment

The fees don’t include:

  • Books and certification (prices depend on the chosen dive organisation)
The core of the Advanced Open Water Diver Course
The core of the Advanced Course

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course – Beyond the Basics

the natural progression for those who have completed their Open Water Diver certification. This course takes you beyond the foundational skills and immerses you in five thrilling adventure dives. Each dive is carefully chosen to enhance your diving proficiency and expand your horizons. The course is not a test of endurance; instead, it’s a celebration of the joy of diving.

The Five Adventure Dives – Thrilling Exploration

The core of the Advanced Course lies in the five adventure dives you’ll undertake. Each dive introduces you to a specialized aspect of diving, providing valuable insights and hands-on experience in different underwater realms. Let’s delve into some of the exciting adventure dives you might encounter:

  1. Underwater Navigation Dive: Sharpen your navigational skills, learning how to use a compass and natural references to find your way underwater. Navigating through the deep blue becomes an exhilarating quest.
  2. Night Dive: Experience the magic of diving under the cloak of darkness. Witness how the underwater world transforms at night, with nocturnal creatures coming to life and bioluminescence painting the seascape.
  3. Deep Dive: Venture into the abyss and discover the allure of deep-sea exploration. While ensuring safety, you’ll be awestruck by the mysteries hidden in the depths.
  4. Wreck Dive: Encounter history up close as you explore sunken vessels teeming with marine life. Wreck dives offer a window into the past, making every dive a fascinating adventure.
  5. Specialty Dive: This dive allows you to choose from various specialties like underwater photography, drift diving, buoyancy control, or fish identification. Unleash your passion and delve into your preferred niche.

A Journey of a Lifetime

In conclusion, the Advanced Open Water Diver Course with Diving Around Center in Hurghada, Red Sea, is a transformative experience that goes beyond refining your diving skills. It’s a journey that awakens the adventurer within, broadens your understanding of the underwater world, and fosters a profound appreciation for marine life and conservation.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your diving abilities and embark on exhilarating adventures, the Advanced Open Water Diver Course awaits you. Allow the professional and experienced instructors at Diving Around Center to be your guides, leading you to thrilling underwater realms and unforgettable memories. The world beneath the waves is waiting to be discovered – are you ready to take the plunge? Happy diving! Book Now