Exclusive 2 Day Diving Package In Hurghada [W/ Best Price ]

Exclusive 2 Day Diving Package In Hurghada
Exclusive 2 Day Diving Package In Hurghada

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Deep: A 2-Day Diving Package In Hurghada

Dive into the clear blue waters of the Red Sea with our exclusive 2 Day Diving Package in Hurghada. Uncover the underwater secrets of one of the best diving destinations in the world.


Have you ever wondered what secrets the vibrant underwater world of Hurghada holds? This city on Egypt’s Red Sea coastline is a diving paradise, home to some of the most stunning coral reefs on the planet. From beginners to seasoned divers, everyone can enjoy the thrill of the deep with our exclusive 2-day diving package in Hurghada. Read About How To Plan For Scuba Diving In Hurghada?

2 Day Diving Package In Hurghada: The Ultimate Underwater Experience!

The Hurghada diving scene presents a mesmerizing array of unfamiliar marine life, coral kingdoms, and shipwreck sites waiting to be explored.

But what does our 2-day diving package include?
This specially curated package provides you with an unequaled invitation to the underwater world. The first day starts with an introductory session followed by a plunge into the azure waters. Professional diving instructors guide each step, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
On the second day, the dive takes a more adventurous turn.

Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day Diving around
Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day Diving around

We journey to a beloved shipwreck site or a particularly vibrant coral reef, depending on the local conditions and the group’s preference.

All About the Details And Prices For Diving Package

How comprehensive is this 2 day diving package in Hurghada? Let’s break it down.

Daily diving by boat: €50

  • Minimum requirements: Certified diver and medically fit for diving
  • Minimum age: 10 years

One Day Diving In Hurghada

Full Day (2 Dives)50 €Book
3 days package (6 dives)130 €Book
5 days package (10 dives)230 €Book
10 days package (20 dives)450 €Book
Third dive on a day15 €Book
Refreshment PADI course (2 dives, theory, scuba review)50 €Book
Sunset dive (1 dive, incl. guide, tea/coffee, 1 soft drink)35 €Book
Night dive, min. 6 persons35 €Book

The fees include:

  • Transfer to/from your place of stay within Hurghada (other areas might be charged additionally)
  • 12l tanks
  • Lunch on board (incl. tea/coffee, 2 soft drinks or water)

Supplements (upon request):

  • Check dive – 20 €
  • Private dive guide per day (2 dives) – 60 €
  • Abu Nuhas / wreck diving tour (4 dives), min. 8 persons – 90 €
  • Nitrox filling 32%, per tank 12L / 15L – 10 € / 15 €
  • Full set of rental equipment (per day) – 8 €

2 Day Diving Package in Hurghada: An Adventure Down Below

Diving Package in Hurghada
Diving Package in Hurghada

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the underwater world, a 2-Day Diving Package in Hurghada might just be your best ticket. Offering an incredible blend of rich aquatic life, stunning coral reefs, and world-class services, Hurghada diving experiences live up to every diver’s dream.

Day Diving Package in Hurghada
Day Diving Package in Hurghada
Day Diving Package in Hurghada
Day Diving Package in Hurghada

Diving in Hurghada: What Awaits You?

Hurghada, the jewel of the Red Sea, serves as a picture-perfect dive spot. But what makes a diving package here stand out? Simply put, it’s the promise of adventure, providing divers with the chance to uncover the mysteries of the deep sea with every dive.

2-Day Diving Package in Hurghada: What’s included?

Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day Diving
Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day DivingDiving

This all inclusive diving package comes with several benefits. A round trip from your location (within Hurghada) ensures hassle-free transfers. Onboard, you can refuel with a complimentary lunch that includes tea/coffee and a pair of soft drinks or water. Of course, the main draw of the package is the 12l tanks that are provided for each dive.
So, what’s the plan underwater? Intriguing, we assure you.

Additional Services: Customize Your Dive

Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day Diving
Diving Package In Hurghada exclusive 2 Day Diving

Supplement charges are applicable for these services. Need a check-dive? That comes in at 20 €. Want a private guide for two dives? That’ll be 60 € per day. If you’re up for an Abu Nuhas/wreck diving tour (minimum of 8 people, 4 dives), it comes in at 90 €. Nitrox filling for a 12L/15L tank is available at 10 €/15 €. For a full day’s rental of diving equipment, shell out 8 €.
And these aren’t mere expenses – they’re investments in a captivating experience.

Unleashing the Diver in You

Hurghada’s underwater world is nothing less than a wonderland. Isn’t it time to immerse yourself? This 2-Day Diving Package in Hurghada is designed just for that!

Dive into the unfamiliar underwater world in Hurghada with our all-inclusive 2-Day Diving Package. What awaits you: Adventure, ease, and a memorable escapade.

Prospects of Adventure

An underwater journey in Hurghada opens doors to several opportunities for adventure. From chance encounters with unique sea creatures like dolphins and giant sea turtles to exploring the magnificent coral gardens.

As a diver, you’ll get up-close with the multitude of vibrant fishes that call these reefs home.
Got a daredevil streak? The shipwreck dive on the second day offers an eerie thrill unlike any other. You get to unravel a piece of history while embarking on a unique underwater adventure.

2 Day Diving around
2 Day Diving around

Isn’t that a fascinating prospect to anticipate?
The astonishingly clear waters of Hurghada are ready to unveil their hidden treasures. So, are you prepared to dive deep into this breathtaking world? Remember, the sea’s mystical charm is like a siren’s call – it’s irresistible once you’ve tasted it.

Unleash the adventurer within you with our 2-day diving package in Hurghada. Embark on a journey that promises a captivating blend of beauty, mystery, and extreme thrill. It’s time to make your regal entry into Hurghada’s aquatic realm!

Diving around food
Diving around food

Dive Into Hurghada’s Underwater Scene

What Makes Hurghada an Ideal Diving Destination? Unique Marine Life Crystal Clear Waters unfamiliar Coral Reefs Introduction to Diving in Hurghada The Rise of Recreational Diving in Hurghada

Detailed Look into the 2-Day Diving Package

Day Diving Package in Hurghada
Day Diving Package in Hurghada

Day 1: Introduction and First Plunge Safety Briefing and Diving Guidelines First Seabed Exploration Post-Dive Reflections and Rest Day 2: Deep Dive and Exploration More Advanced Dive Marine Species Identification Overview of Coral Reefs Inclusions of the Package Equipment Provided Accommodations and Food Certificates and Souvenirs

Prospects & Adventure

Rookie or a Veteran? The Experience for Everyone Beginner’s Guide to Diving Highlights for Experienced Divers Exciting Underwater Encounters List of Possible Marine Life Sightings Navigating Coral Reefs Be Adventurous, But Safe Emphasizing Safety Measures Encouragement of Responsible Diving

Dive Into Hurghada’s Underwater Scene

The serene sea city of Hurghada, nestled along the Red Sea coastline, offers a ticket to a scintillating subaqueous world. A world teeming with vibrant corals, unfamiliar fishes, and crystal clear waters that reflect the exuberance of life beneath the surface. So, what makes Hurghada an ideal diving destination? Let’s dive straight in!

What Makes Hurghada an Ideal Diving Destination?

Diving into Hurghada’s underwater scene offers a chance to explore vibrant coral reefs, unique marine life, and clear waters. Dive in to discover why it’s an ideal diving destination.

Unique Marine Life

Whether you’re an amateur diver or an experienced one, the marine biodiversity of Hurghada will leave you spellbound. Can you imagine swimming alongside unfamiliar marine creatures, such as the colorful clownfish, vibrant butterflyfish, and majestic manta rays? Doesn’t that sound like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Crystal Clear Waters

Diving into Hurghada’s underwater scene means immersing yourself in waters that are as clear as crystal, offering visibility extending over 30 meters. Doesn’t it feel exhilarating to be able to see the vibrant undersea life in crystal clear vision?

unfamiliar Coral Reefs

Hurghada’s sea floor is adorned with a spectacular tableau of coral reefs, showcasing Nature’s best designs in all their glory. Fancy diving into a world painted in vivid hues of the unfamiliar underwater flora?

Introduction to Diving in Hurghada

Hurghada offers a diving experience like no other. The warm, clear waters and the strikingly beautiful coral reefs provide a breathtaking spectacle for those who venture beneath the waves. But what sparked the rise of recreational diving in Hurghada?

The Rise of Recreational Diving in Hurghada

Being liberal with diving regulations, offering training and certification courses, as well as maintaining high safety standards, Hurghada has successfully been attracting divers from across the globe. Isn’t it intriguing how a quiet fishing village turned into a bustling hotspot for underwater exploration?
To sum it up, if diving into an enchanting underwater realm teeming with life and colors feels like your kind of adventure, then Hurghada’s underwater scene should be on the top of your bucket list.

The Ultimate 2-Day Diving Package Experience in Hurghada

Possessing an exceptional blend of colorful underwater gardens and lively coral reefs, Hurghada is undeniably a diving enthusiast’s paradise. Among the many ways to explore this underwater universe is availing of our well-curated 2-day diving package. This short yet immersive experience is a must-try for aquatic adventurers looking for a quick trip into a world beneath the surface.

An Overview: What’s Included?

Our diving package is a comprehensive deal that will equip you with everything you need for a stress-free and enriching diving experience. It includes a professional guide for both days, all necessary gear and safety equipment, a dive at two different locations, and even onboard meals to nourish you after your plunge.

Submerse and Soothe: The Diving Experience

These 2-day expeditions offer participants a delightful combination of safety and wonderment. On day 1, the spotlight is on familiarisation with the equipment and understanding safety protocols. The real thrill begins on Day 2, where the depths of the Red Sea await to unveil their marvels to you.

Discover and Dive: Exploring the Marine Life

Our 2 day diving package is designed to take you to some of the most vibrant spots in the Red Sea, teeming with a rich diversity of marine life. From schools of fluttering parrotfish and angelfish to the magic of the bright, blooming coral gardens, every dive is a new surprise!

The Curated Comfort: Onboard Facilities and Services

To augment your diving experience, our package includes ample onboard facilities and services. Delicious meals are prepared by our onboard chef to replenish your energy after your dive. We also have trained staff present at all times to assist and monitor, ensuring safety without compromising on the fun.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up the exclusive 2 Day Diving Package Experience

Following a fulfilling 2-day diving experience, the question arises – where to go from here? The allure of Hurghada extends beyond two days, presenting unique diving spots that are begging to be explored.

Diving Into Future: Suggestion for Further Diving Experiences

There are many other thrilling diving experiences awaiting in and around Hurghada. From night diving in Gota Abu Ramada to deeper expeditions in the Straits of Gubal, there is a whole exciting universe underwater waiting for you to dive in!
At the end of your 2-day diving package, you might find yourself wanting more. If so, why not rebook? Or, dive deeper and expand your experience with one of our extended diving packages?

The Ocean Beckons: An Invitation

We invite you to continue your underwater exploration. Our 2-day diving package in Hurghada is just the beginning. We look forward to welcoming you back onboard for more exciting diving expeditions and unmatched underwater experiences.

Whether you’re a novice or diving aficionado, our packages are finely tuned to ensure your safety while feeding your sense of adventure!
So, ready to conquer new depths again?

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