SSI Advanced Adventurer Course – Diving in Hurghada

SSI Advanced Adventurer Course - Diving in Hurghada
SSI Advanced Adventurer Course – Diving in Hurghada

Experience the thrill of diving in Hurghada with our SSI Advanced Adventurer Course. Take your skills to the next level and explore the breathtaking underwater world. Dive into the beauty of the Red Sea, guided by our experienced instructors. Sign up now and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Diving in Hurghada.

Introduction to SSI Advanced Adventurer Course

For those passionate divers who have achieved their Open Water Diver certification and are eager to expand their underwater prowess, the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course offers an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the vast oceanic realm. As a stepping stone into the world of advanced diving, this program introduces you to various specialty courses, helping you diversify your skills and preparing you for a multitude of diving scenarios.

Accessing the Adventurer Within

As you embark on your journey into advanced diving, the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course acts as your guide, introducing you to the diverse aspects of recreational diving. It’s like a sampler platter of what the underwater world has to offer, allowing you to experience different specialties and choose what interests you the most.

The Prerequisites

Before you jump headfirst into this program, there are a few requirements you need to meet:

  • You should have at least one of the following SSI certifications or an equivalent from a recognized training agency: Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver.
  • If you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian’s signature.
  • The minimum age for each Adventure Dive varies, as defined in the program-specific standards.

Training Sessions: Your Adventure Begins

Throughout the course, you’ll have the chance to dabble in five different specialties, with the Deep Dive being the only compulsory one. Here’s a glance at what awaits you:

  1. Advanced Buoyancy Control: Perfect your underwater poise.
  2. Boat Diver: Learn the ropes of diving from a boat.
  3. Drift Diver: Go with the flow and master drift diving.
  4. Wreck Diving: Explore the eerie beauty of sunken structures.
  5. Fish Identification: Get to know your aquatic companions.
  6. Deep Diving: Dive deeper and explore the mysteries of the deep.
  7. Navigation: Never lose your way underwater.
  8. Search & Recovery: Master the art of finding and retrieving lost items.

The Learning Method

The SSI Advanced Adventurer Course adopts a flexible learning approach. You can complete the SSI Online Learning segment before you arrive, ensuring you have a theoretical understanding of the techniques and procedures.

Certification: Your Reward

Upon successful completion of all academic and in-water requirements, an Open Water Instructor may issue the Advanced Adventurer digital certification card. As a certified Advanced Adventurer, you can dive with an equally- or more-qualified buddy in environments equivalent to your training and within the recommended depth limits. If you’re under 15, you’ll be certified as a Junior Advanced Adventurer.

Experience Diving in Hurghada

What better place to embark on your advanced adventurer journey than the beautiful seascape of Hurghada? Known for its rich marine life and stunning coral reefs, Diving in Hurghada offers an unmatchable experience for divers of all levels.

What to Expect

In Hurghada, you’ll find a range of diving sites suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. From exploring vibrant coral gardens to witnessing the fascinating marine life, every dive promises a unique adventure.

Costs and Inclusions

The Hurghada Diving program includes a Dive instructor, Tank 12L, Weight, and Transfer within Hurghada, Makadi, Sahl Hashish. However, diving equipment, coast guard fees, digital learning material, underwater photography, and transfers from certain locations come at an additional cost.

SSI Advanced Adventurer Course Conclusion

The SSI Advanced Adventurer Course isn’t just about enhancing your diving skills; it’s about enriching your overall diving experience. Whether you’re an aspiring marine biologist keen on Fish Identification or an adrenaline junkie eager for Deep Diving, the course has something for everyone.

So, gear up, dive in, and embrace the adventurer within you. Happy diving!


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FAQs SSI Advanced Adventurer Course – Diving in Hurghada

Are you an adventure seeker who is looking to take your diving skills to the next level? Look no further than the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Hurghada! This course offers divers the opportunity to explore the breathtaking underwater world of Hurghada while learning advanced diving techniques. In this article, we will address some frequently asked questions about the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course to help you make an informed decision.

What is the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course?

The SSI Advanced Adventurer Course is an exciting diving program that allows divers to experience different diving specialties and improve their skills under professional supervision. It is a perfect way to broaden your knowledge and gain confidence in various diving conditions.

What are the prerequisites for the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course?

To enroll in the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course, you must be at least 15 years old and already have an Open Water Diver certification or an equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.

What diving specialties can I choose from?

The SSI Advanced Adventurer Course offers a wide range of diving specialties to choose from. Depending on your interests, you can select up to five specialties. These specialties include:

  1. Deep Diving: Learn how to dive safely to depths of up to 30 meters (98 feet) and explore fascinating dive sites that were previously inaccessible.
  2. Navigation: Enhance your underwater navigation skills and become a more confident diver when exploring unfamiliar dive sites.
  3. Night and Limited Visibility: Discover the wonders of the underwater world at night and learn how to navigate in low visibility conditions.
  4. Wreck Diving: Dive into history and explore wreck sites, where you will learn how to safely navigate through these underwater time capsules.
  5. Perfect Buoyancy: Master your buoyancy control and effortlessly glide through the water, while minimizing the impact on the marine environment.
  6. Digital Underwater Photography: Capture your underwater adventures with stunning photographs and learn how to compose, light, and edit your images.

How long does the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course take?

The SSI Advanced Adventurer Course can typically be completed in 2-3 days, depending on the number of specialties you choose and your individual progress. Each specialty requires a certain number of dives and theoretical knowledge development, which will be conducted under the guidance of a qualified SSI Instructor.

What are the benefits of taking the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course?

By completing the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course, you will gain valuable experience and expand your diving capabilities. This course will not only enhance your skills but also open up new possibilities for future diving adventures. Furthermore, it serves as a stepping stone towards achieving higher-level certifications such as the SSI Master Diver rating.

Can I take the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Hurghada?

Absolutely! Hurghada, located on the beautiful Red Sea coast of Egypt, is a popular diving destination known for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and stunning coral reefs. It offers the perfect setting to embark on your SSI Advanced Adventurer Course.

How much does the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Hurghada cost?

The cost of the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Hurghada varies depending on the dive center and the number of specialties chosen. It is recommended to contact your chosen dive center in Hurghada for accurate pricing information.


The SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Hurghada is an excellent choice for divers looking to expand their diving skills and explore the mesmerizing underwater world of the Red Sea. With a variety of specialties to choose from, professional guidance, and the stunning beauty of Hurghada, this course offers an unforgettable diving experience. Whether you are a seasoned diver or just starting your diving journey, the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Hurghada is worth considering. So, take the plunge and embark on a thrilling diving adventure today!